We BELIEVE in a stronger nature of engagement between interior designs and lifestyles. This is why we are raising the challenge to a whole new level – by creating interactions between the design and its users and by projecting their needs into shape, color and functionality of the objects we design. This is why we incorporate the time dimension to the process of thinking spaces and design objects. Otherwise, we have to be sustainable realistic with our feet on the ground in order to create a design that will respond not only to a necessity, but will also indulge other human scaled factors and resist the time test. This last aspect seeks more innovation and adaptability and succeeds by capturing the dynamic nature of contemporary living
We ENGAGE on branding by enhancing all the five senses at once. We follow the emergence of space and objects in order to pursue a creative branding in terms of motions, sounds and visual effects. This is why we are creating iconic designs that are inspired by various associations of both diverse academic background and spectacular self-sufficient designs.

Telling by its members Phenomena design laboratory is a way a multidisciplinary team that is based on the cohesion of mutual visions in terms of values, aesthetics and functionality. The team consists of five skillfull people that have relatively different backgrounds and orientations. These assets are key factors that assure a complete experience for the client…architects, graphic designers, engineers, illustrators, photographers and filmmakers come together in a unique formula that allows them to act both as professional entities and as a team. This original cooperation provides them the freedom of creativity and efficiency, proving that a bondless approach in business is nevertheless a successful strategy.


Eduard Baicu Stănescu

He is the founder of Phenomena and has graduated “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest. Faculty of Interior Architecture. After 8 years of experience in Avantgrapho Group, he has now put the bases of Phenomena design laboratory. Highly dedicated to the studies of shape and form while focused on finding those details that matter and add value to the space or objects he designs, Eduard is constantly engaging in complex design techniques up to the point where he is using the experiment as a particular creation strategy. This attitude had proven to lead towards innovation and very distinctive designs. His honest character, ability to lead and also be an essential team member have made him the perfect dream “creator” as some clients refer to him.

Andrei Oțet

He is a designer who graduated from “Transilvania” University of Brasov, Product Design department. After 2 years of experience as freelancer and 1 year in Avangrapho Group, he joined Phenomena Laboratory’s team. Although it is a product designer likes to be involved in any kind of project, from architecture concepts to events scenography. Experience and passion for design reveals the sensitive and very creative nature of his work.

Cristian Matei

After graduating Sociology at the University of Bucharest, he decided to pursuit his childhood dream of becoming a designer, so he started to study interior architecture at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest. With an exaggerated attention for technical details and passion for craftsmanship, he uses his training as a sociologist to understand the behavior and the relation between people and objects, approaching every project from the emphatic point of view.

Ion Mândrișcanu

The eldest member of the team is in charge with the branding division of Phenomena Laboratory, where he also activates as a passionate interior architect and designer.
He considers himself a very good conceptual thinker because he is best at seeing ”the big picture”.
Also, as an assistant professor he is teaching interior architecture at ”Ion Mincu” Architecture and Planning University, which is considered to be his main hobby by his fellow colleagues of the team.

Claudia Parnia

Design, architecture, arts and everything involvng creativity and imagination are a natural path for Claudia.
Interior architecture has brought out the dichotomy of her personality, the place where she can engage both creatively and scientifically with the aesthetic and functional aspects of design.
She finds inspiration in anything and everything around. With every project she seek new concepts, new techniques and new materials to perfectly compliment that one client and that one space.

Lucian Nae